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1000 mph BLOODHOUND- The Brits have the Unlimited Land Speed Record because they earned it.

As a country, they pick the cream in aeronautics, engineering, advanced propulsion and leading edge composite materials combined with some of Brittan’s most innovative minds with the optimism of a designer. Then they add some out of the box thinking- You my friend, now have the Bloodhound- Bloodhound SSC

Bloodhound lighting its rocket booster

Bloodhound lighting its rocket booster

This one of a kind master crafted missile on wheels is stunning in it’s proportions and logical in it’s every detail for success.

Bloodhound at Speed

Bloodhound at Speed

Let there be no mistake that when it comes to building and ‘unwinding’ these kind of vehicles for land, air or even water the Brits prove time and again they are capable of astounding feats of mechanical engineering.

Check out their latest beast- The Bloodhound

John Speed Writer- MAXRUSHTV.INFO


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