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Modern drag boat racing safety has came a long way but it’s still one of the most deadly sports allowable by law in the country.

Its been so because of the unforgiving nature of the racing environment. If the crash doesn’t kill you, which it usually did, then you were drowned.

Even with the ‘Denver Mullins’ invention of the ‘Capsule’, it was no sure bet you’d survive such a catastrophic event as the total destruction of a 250mph drag boat.

The Great Denver Mullins, who invented the capsule would later be killed- using the very capsule he designed. His legacy is the modernization of drag boat safety equipment specially made for the environment they compete in.

Researches in the field on Kenitic Energy have the opinion that speed on water is the equivilent of twice that on land. When these  futuristic looking monsters crash they are violent. Very violent. . There are no such things as ‘small drag boat crashes’. They’re all catastrophic. The only question is -“Is he alive.”

Fortunately the chances for survival of these destructive events have increased, ever so slightly.

Think about it, they are strapped to a water born missile, throwing 8-tons of water in the air that could turn into a submarine at any second. They fly apart like Papier Mache. The driver loses vision because of the ‘G’ loads for a brief moment, the boat is contorting, vibrating, shaking, ear shatteringly loud and then you need to try to stop. That is no easy task either. They need to very careful or they will submarine.

Exciting, thrilling, compelling maybe, but not a sport. Sports are not about competing in the Roman Arena to the death.

(Below -The first video is “How it should look’)

(Below -video of ‘Anatomy of a drag boat crash)

Do you still want to be a Drag Boat Driver ? I didn’t think so.

Jay Saughter, Motorsports Contributor


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