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Holy cow. Does anyone see this Chinese Stealth Fighter to have any resemblance of any aircraft you’ve seen before ?

Ah huh. Exactly my friend.
But, the Chinese say wait a minute. This is all our technology.

Well lets go back to the Serbian war with the Milosovich guy etc… Remember, one of those farmers actually shot down an American F-117 in rural Serbia. It is the only Stealth Aircraft ever lost by the US.

The little Serbian farm community was inundated with Chinese agents buying anything and everything the rural farmers had found from the only shoot down of an American F-117 Stealth Fighter. For the Serbian farmers part, it was something they could sell and help themselves and their families.

The Chinese Stealth technology has moved the Chinese into second place among world powers. Also understand they didn’t have to pay for the development of this technology which was considerable but, the decades of development that they move ahead by at no cost is staggering.

All this is in preparation for the new Chinese aircraft carrier due soon. The Chinese are arming themselves at an alarming rate and it has been well noted by others in the region and not just Russians.

chinese stealth fighter

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Terry Swick, Space and Flight online, Contributor


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