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EDGAR CAYCE was the greatest Psychic the world has ever known.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce The greatest seer the world has ever seen

He gave 14,000 readings predicting the depression, the end of depression, Atlantis and many advanced medical techniques unknown of during his life time.

Known as the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce would put himself into a trance like state after lying down and praying for a few minutes. Once Edgar started in the trance his eyes would flutter and he would be asked questions and answer them whether it was where oil was or the future and even the past of the world.

Edgar Cayce read the bible completely every year. He had the ability to sleep on a book and wake up with the entire book memorized, In fact Edgar’s first job was at a book store because he could memorize where every book was located and what it was about.

Throughout his life he gave readings to famous people like the Rockefeller, Bush to the lowliest persons who could not pay.

During the war parents would ask him about their loved ones and it is said that he was warned about using his power more than a couple times a day because it drained him physically too much to read any more. But Edgar could not say no and defying his own advice he would do 7-8 readings per day. This is what brought on his death in 1945. Edgar had worked himself to death.

This was the greatest seer the world had had to date. He was real and he spoke the truth on subjects no one would’ve even have heard of until many years after his death.

Listen to his geological predictions and you will be staggered by what you hear.

Alistair, J. P. La Duke, Contributor


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