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How great of a gladiator is he you may ask, here are some words from his peers and I’ll leave it at that.

“Fedor is the best pound 4 pound fighter in the world.” -Randy Couture
“If you ask me about pound 4 pound, I think Fedor is ahead of me right now.” -GSP (02/05/2009)
“Fedor is my favorite!!” -BJ Penn
“He is the fastest I have ever seen. Physically, he is the fastest heavier guy in the history of mma.” -Minotauro Nogueira
“Our (as in mma) great champion. He is the best in the world.” -Josh Barnett
“I think Fedor is the best pound 4 pound fighter in the world. Reason being, he is just so well rounded.” -Frank Mir
“Fedor is the toughest man on the planet. Period.” -Rampage Jackson
“People say they want to fight Fedor when they are in front of the camera, to look good. Nobody wants to fight Fedor!” -Wanderlei Silva
“Fedor is the greatest pound 4 pound fighter.” -Shogun Rua
“I’ve fought people from all around the world & have seen many strong fighters. But like Fedor? Never.” -Renato Sobral
“Fedor is just too dominant. He is in a whole different class by himself.” -Brandon Vera
“Fedor is the best fighter I have ever seen.” -Jake Sheilds
“Fedor is the best fighter to ever climb into any arena. he is in his own league & you can’t compare nobody to him.” -Kevin Randleman.
“Fedor has no weakness. I have yet to find a flaw in his game.” -Bas Rutten
“He is the best & undefeated. He is the $h!t!” -Mark Hunt
“The Best in the world. No doubt.” -Phil Baroni
“Fedor is the most incredible fighter you will ever see.” -Frank “A turtle neck could choke me out” Trigg
“Fedor is the top. He is very hard to beat (for p4p best)” Pedro Rizzo
“Fedor is a machine.” -Don Frye
“He is the best ever.” -Mark Coleman
“Fedor is the baddest man on the planet!” -Big John Mccarthy

Enough said…….

Retired now, was he that great ?

Who would you have liked to see him fight ?

Mike Carducci, contributor


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