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There have been many fabled stories told, some are even considered fairytale. Perhaps truth is stranger than fiction.

We’ve all heard of Locke Ness and ‘Nessy’, Ogopogo, Big foot and so on.

It seems to us at MaxRushTV, there needs to be some explaining. Some of us traveled to different parts of the world and the stories told by witnesses and yes, even researches are stunning and haunting.

Monster marlin sinks boat and almost kills everyone.

Monster marlin sinks boat and almost kills everyone.

Many researchers interviewed declined to have their names revealed for much of the same reason pilots seldom report UFO’s. They value their jobs and credibility in the scientific community.

With all the pre-amble out of the way lets go over the evidence and interviews of what may very well be going on in the oceans of the world.

Let’s start in America. Recently there was a man stalked and eaten alive on a beach in California. Mr. Strehm was walking on the beach when several large Killer Whales came on to shore and ate him alive with his family as on lookers. It couldn’t be hidden from the public any longer and was put on You Tube, Vemo and It was absolutely ghastly, horrendous and chilling to think you could be on a beach somewhere and be eaten alive by a Killer Whale. It boggles the mind and is quite disturbing. (Parents are warned that the video you’ll see is quite graphic)

Horrific death of beach goer

Horrific death of beach goer

Rocko, our sleuth in Costa Rica has interviewed a high level Costa Rican Coast Guardsman that requested to have his name withheld is quoted as saying, “The governments of the world know things and are not telling the public.” When pressed for specifics it was clear he was having difficulty telling Rocko for fear of reprisal from government officials. It’s believed that it would irreparably damage tourism and therein lays the rub. Governments don’t want to tell us for fear of losing money !

These are just some of the road blocks encountered by the teams investigating the Costa Rican Giant Plesiosaur like creature reported by locals and some reluctant officials.

whale attacks flips boat and kills fisherman

whale attacks flips boat and kills fisherman

Samantha from MaxRushTV was in Portugal and there are witnesses that saw a giant Octopus literally devour a boat and two fishermen. The size of the beast was estimated at 200 feet to the end of the tentacles to the head.

Reports coming in from the Philippines are no less frightening with a report of a prehistoric 70foot plus Great White Shark prowling near beaches that have had more than 20 people reported missing over a two year period.

Coincidence you may ask ? Not so say’s a California researcher who has worked extensively with the worlds largest mammals.

Unwilling to be identified she indicated her distress that wild animals are being brought to captivity and trained to do certain things. Behavior of which understanding human behavior is import for their reward system of behavioral reinforce training given to the creatures captured for display at marine parks around the world.

The boat was destroyed

The boat was destroyed

The real rub is once they’ve been trained, they retain it and pass it on. It’s an evolutionary reflex for survival. She further suggests that while releasing them is noble it’s also potentially very dangerous.

With the skills they’ve developed it’s highly possible they’ll use those skills to hunt, ‘hunt humans’ if necessary to survive. In other words if it’s easy prey, it’s devoured.

Although research is just now being assembled, it would be prudent to always be aware of your situation and vulnerabilities.

Lisa was attacked an nearly drowned by the whale gone mad.

Lisa was attacked an nearly drowned by the whale gone mad.

These may be some amazing allegations but as we’ve found out before, many creatures pronounced extinct by science have repeatedly turned out not to be extinct.

David strehm horrific death while he’s on the shore.

Fishermen killed after whale purposely sinks boat

Monster Marlin sinks yacht.

Rocko Bellini, Contibutor
Samatha Carey, Researcher and Contributor
D. Alvin Grendal, Contibutor


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