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What does Paris Hilton do when she has it all ? What a lot of women do about her current age.

She’s hot, she’s rich and now she’s ready for marriage. She says she wants kids now. The press is going to have to find another young salacious little cutey to prop up and tear down.

Now this is Paris Hilton the hottest little Harlot in the last 10 years and she’s going to have a baby. Well maybe that’s the thing to do after the micro dog thingy.


Wow She’s 30 something and her boyfriend is 20. So Paris Hilton will need several nannies to help her and keep her freed up for all those so important photo ops. Plus she’ll be busy snooping on her hubby who will be an idiot and get caught at it. lol.

Something tell us that she will be smoken as a mom. The tabloids will be there hounding her and the new born. So stay tuned Hilty fans. The little queen has taken to motherhood.

She’s still ‘Hot’.

Paris Hilton, micro dog lover, race car drive, billionairess and now soon to be a wife.

Sit back and wait for this train wreck.

Olaf Margo, Contributor


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