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The Stunning Paris Hilton

The Stunning Paris Hilton

PARIS TO FLORIDA- Paris Hilton is a race car driver now !

She’s stunning, she’s one of the absolutely hottest creatures on this planet, maybe the universe and now she’s a ‘race car driver’.

Paris in pink-  Bentley

Yes you heard right !! Paris Hilton can do it all. Little Superwoman is now a certified race car driver. Paris will be racing a powerful speedster racer, capable of speeds in excess of 210mph !

Paris sitting in one of her 32 race cars

Paris sitting in one of her race cars

Holy crap!

The Super Hot Paris Hilton races her new, Super Hot race car from California to Florida on a national TV series. My money is on her. Everything is on her.

I’ve seen here drive in Beverly Hills. I mean, you can’t miss that pink Bentley, and Ferrari, HIAM, or the silver Mercedes or Rolls Royce or her Super Lexus F1 or SLR or the Spiker and so on and so on … She’s ‘awesomely hot looking in all of them’ and man she knows her way around boutique stores and social clubs. Paris should have no problem handling the tight confines of a racer.

B. G. Pumebalini, Contributor


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