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Think twice when you believe you’ve seen a flying saucer, it may be Russian built.

Oh yes, they have them and we’re going to show you. They have more than one and as many as 20 different models. They have been diligently trying to create a new weapon to negate the American advantage. US engineers refer to it as; ‘leap frog’ technology.

You’ll be amazed when you see these and some will be shown for the first time. The phenomenon is real and it may be closer to home than you think.

Russia is a vast and rich country steeped in mystery. The Russians are nobody’s fools. They’ve had an empire for over 1,500 years with Genghis Khan on one side and the Persians on the other. That’s far longer than America and even the Roman Empire, which actually fell in 331ad.

Don’t be misled by the American media about our supposed superiority. Even China is working on saucers and we’ll show you that as well.

Believe or not, we’re not going to rule the planet any longer.





You be the judge.

Derrick Lovell, contributor


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