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Here is a story that has been growing since the 9/11/13- 2 million man motorcycle ride that recently happened.

Even though obama would not issue a permit for the 9/11 motorcycle ride commemorance,  they came anyhow. There is a new twist however, it’s now the big rig truck drivers uniting. Three thousand truckers committed within minutes of the announcement and so many they’ve quit counting. Some say upwards of 1 million truckers will be there not counting the others not in ‘big rigs’.

Truckers are demanding nothing less than the obama resignation including the arrest of congressmen and senators who have violated the constitution. The truckers say they will arrest them on site by themselves.

“obama you put a finger on those men and the whole country will descend on you.” These are just some of the thoughts and rumors circulating. We may be witnessing something very unique and profound in American History.


TRUCKERS SHUT DOWN DC they re demanding nothing less than obama resignation

 WE BACK THE TRUCKERS 100% and dedicate this post to them.

Von Richards- Editor and Chief, News Division MaxRushTV


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