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The Incredible Boat Crash-gag preformed by legendary Hall of Fame Stuntman Ricky D.

They compete against total destruction everyday and win.

They say they are fearless; they are crazy, they are suicidal, they have a death wish but, nothing could be further from the truth.

A famous Psychiatrist, Dr. Terrance Sandbeck once said ”There are far easier ways to kill one’s self than planning and performing such feats. No, they don’t have a death wish, they have a life wish.”

They are the world greatest stuntmen of all time. See them calculate and coordinate the World’s Greatest Stunts that amaze spectators and sometimes themselves. You see, the daredevil that’s in all of us, is tempered by our ability to deal with our own fear.

One of the greatest stuntman of all time and often referred to as the “Ultimate Stuntman,” Ricky D. -1991 Hall Fame Inductee said, “The difference between a stuntman and a daredevil is a fine line.” When asked what that line is or was he lamented the following; “The Daredevil plans it out but is not sure if it’s going to work whereas the Stuntman plans it out and is relatively sure it will work. The difference is a very fine line.”

Two Time Stuntman of the Year, Ricky D sets his 9th World Record

“When a gag works, it looks easy and you go home. When it’s bad, you’re typically not going home…” Ricky D 1991 interview

Do you still think you want the job as stuntman ?

Is everyone a little stuntman ?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done ?

Jeff Beard, Freelance writer

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  • ah ha…

    I’m finally the first to comment this.

    My Brother always dreamed of being a stuntman. We used to play games with each other being Evel knievel, and other stunt guys.

    Not to mention him running around with towels around our necks like superman capes

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